About VONK

We’re a bunch of interdisciplinary professionals operating at the intersection of art and technology.

We like to merge the real and the virtual, and create unique, memorable experiences. We combine computing, design, art and our creative juices to tell new kinds of stories, or old ones in a whole new way.

We spark connections, conversations and conversions.

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We find the endless possibilities offered by technology extremely exciting. It feeds our creativity, enabling us to deliver tailor-made solutions.

Gesture & Motion Solutions

As close to magic as it gets. Users interact simply by moving their bodies and hands. Take control using intuitive motion sensors and touch screens to control the digital experience.

Dynamic & Touch Surfaces

Unique projection-mapped sculptures and larger-than-life video walls create the foundation for a better-than-real-life experience. Holographic displays that pull you in and keep you.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

The promise of virtual and augmented reality finally delivered. Unforgettably thrilling ‘out-of-body’ adventures and sensory surprises. The pinnacle of Experiential Marketing.

Interactive Spaces & Installations

Immersion rooms, innovation labs, and brand environments–designed to holistically deliver a deeper look into the Brand Story. An architected space for messages to come alive.

Our enthusiasm for our work is infectious, and has delighted clients across the globe, and across industries.

Let’s Make Magic Together.

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